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Designsensory Intelligence provides authentic, proprietary customer and market insights that play significant roles in the strategic success of organizations. Our qualitative and quantitative services help clients of all industries, from tourism and healthcare to sports and entertainment.

Ignite Fan Insights is a product of DESIGNSENSORY INTELLIGENCE. Copyright 2020, All rights reserved.

A podcast that takes you behind the gates and beyond the numbers that keep sports fans coming back for more.

Engaging, thoughtful, and in-depth conversations with sports industry leaders inspiring you to take action and connect with your fans.

We have friends in high places.

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Behind the Mic / Behind the Scenes

Christopher Wise

GM & Director of Research Designsensory Intelligence

Never one to shoot from the hip coupled with being naturally inquisitive, Chris asks the necessary and deep questions to to uncover insights that drive business. Chris heads a team of researchers driven to understand human behavior.

Chris McAdoo

Creative Director

Artist and entrepreneur Chris McAdoo has a creative pedigree spanning almost twenty years - from founding his first company at 21 to a career as a painter and printmaker. Chris turns ideas and concepts into something tangible and enjoyable.

Brad Carpenter

Influencer Specialist

Handsome. Renaissance man. Producer of podcasts. Day-to-day, Brad works with influencers organizing marketing campaigns that genuinely make people say, “I have to try this.” He also enjoys comic books.

Episode 01

Ron Seaver-President and Founder of the National Sports Forum

Ron Seaver, Founder of the National Sports Forum, joins us for the first episode of FIRED UP!

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Episode 2

Dave Muye of FELD Entertainment

“We create value by putting together deals that matter…quality at every level is of the utmost importance.”

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Episode 3

Lisa Woodward of Anheuser-Busch

“…when a door is open for you it is your responsibility to bring two more with you.”

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Episode 4

Dennis Carroll of FC Cincinnati

“Fans just want to come together with 26,000 of their friends for 90 minutes and cheer on their team..."

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Episode 5

Steve LaCroix of The Minnesota Vikings

“The fan experience is first and foremost in everything we do..."

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Episode 6

Aileen McManamon

“As the sports industry became more professional, they lost touch with the common person..."

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Episode 7

John Davis of Churchill Downs

“I want a different voice in the room. I need people who look at things in ways that I don’t. They’ll make us better.”

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Episode 8

Josh Young of the Miami Dolphins

“The team is the fabric of the community."

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