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Designsensory Intelligence provides authentic, proprietary customer and market insights that play significant roles in the strategic success of organizations. Our qualitative and quantitative services help clients of all industries, from tourism and healthcare to sports and entertainment.

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episode 14

Understanding the Fan Mindset in the Time of Covid-19

On this episode of Fired UP! Chris Wise (General Manager of Designsensory Intelligence & Ignite Fan Insights) utilizes data to decode the brain of a fan.

Can we really understand the mindset of fan? What does it take to keep them engaged? And perhaps the biggest question of all... what does it look like when all the fans return?

Chris Wise & Chris McAdoo explore the findings from Ignite Fan Insight's exclusive Fan Sentiment Tracking Study, conducted during the sports suspension caused by the pandemic. The study began March 25 and subsequent research will continue every two weeks at least through the end of May - All designed to give you additional data insights to keep your fans engaged and ready to return as soon as action starts.

Chris Wise has been digging deeply into the minds of fans and consumers for three decades. Unearthing solid behavior triggers and offering well-informed recommendations to those involved in the sports business.

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