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Episode 23

Voices of the Super Fans

Bob, Dave and Don…three died-in-the-wool sports fans from Indianapolis, Minneapolis and Bristol come together to share their current state of fandom as we slowly move toward greater fan engagement after more than a year of physical and emotional disruption.  

“I can’t wait to hear the roar of a home crowd again. I need that vacation from reality, a momentary escape, in a shared moment with a friend or family member.”

On this episode of Fired Up, Bob, Dave and Don, three sports fans share their love of sports, when and how that love began, how the past year has changed their outlook on attending live sports, how they feel front office staff responded to the disruption and their hope for the future. All three were introduced to sports at a young age by their fathers.

We were introduced to Bob by the Indianapolis Indians. He is a fan of multiple sports including the Indianapolis Indians, Indy racing, the LA Dodgers and the UCLA Bruins.

Don came to us by way of NASCAR and Bristol Motor Speedway. He is a fan of NASCAR and collegiate athletics (he is a professor at a mid-major university).

Thanks to the Minnesota Vikings, we met Dave. A huge Vikings and Twins fan also enjoys golf.

Hear about their fan journey and how their sports life has been changed over the past year. But rest assured, nothing has changed their love of sports and their emotional need for live sports. Emotions that just can’t be wiped away.  

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